COVID-19 Update


June 23-2020

Dear MYSL Families,

We hope that you and your families have been safe and healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic. This has
been an unexpected few months and ISA we pray that it will be over soon.

Throughout the pandemic, MYSL has been working diligently behind the scenes with key stakeholders
across Ontario/Canada to stay informed, be proactive and prepared for Return to Participation

Ontario Soccer has officially released its RTP version 1 plan which guides all sanctioned clubs and
academies on the safety measures/protocols that need to be implemented before anyone can reopen
in-person training activities. Each region is at a different stage regarding the risks surrounding Covid-19.
After carefully looking at the regulations of Ontario Soccer and the current direction from the City of
Mississauga and Peel Region, MYSL has decided to CANCEL the 2020 summer season. This decision
was not made lightly and the safety of our players, families, refs, and the greater community was our top
priority. We recognize that this decision may be disappointing to some, however, the guidelines put forth
by Ontario Soccer and the City of Mississauga do not allow our soccer environment to continue as it does
every year.

We look forward to continuing either in the fall or in the 2021 summer season ISA. If you have any
questions, please direct them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As always, we hope you are doing well, and we look forward to seeing our MYSL family in the near
future ISA.
Stay Safe and Healthy


March 30-2020

Dear players and families.

We hope and pray that you are safe and healthy during this pandemic. Due to the restrictions of self-isolation and physical distance, we have put all our league programs on hold until it is safe for you and our volunteers

We are reaching out to you today to offer our support. If you need help as a result of COVID-19, please let us know and we will do our best to connect you to food banks or other social services you may be in need of. You can also check the Muslim COVID-19 relief website:  

Contact information
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
SMS:  647-700-5650

Stay Home! Keep Safe!
MYSL Management Team


Winter Indoor

March 10-2020

With the growing international concern around COVID-19, here at MYSL we continue to emphasize that your health and safety continue to be our highest priority.
As we continue our operations at Canlan here are some tips to stay healthy during your visits to
the site during our games.


  •  Wash your hands frequently with soap when touching surfaces and door handles

  •  Use hand sanitizer when needed

  • Cough or sneeze into the corner of your elbow/sleeve or cover your mouth and nose with a tissue

• We suggest that people refrain from shaking hands
• Ontario Soccer suggests that no teams will shake hands or give high fives before and/or
after games.
• Canlan Sportsplex will have hand sanitizer stations around the site and encourage
everyone to use them regularly.
• Stay at home if you feel ill, have a fever and/or cough and seek medical attention as

We are committed to being transparent with you about health and safety requirements during MYSL
operations. As you can appreciate, this is an evolving situation and we will continue to share information
as it becomes available.

Jazakallah Kheir,

Hassan Shaikh-VP Operations
MYSL Management



Will there be Social Distancing amongst players and everyone on the field?
Social Distancing is only required for players and coaches before their game (no social distancing during games or on the bench). Social Distancing is required at all times for spectators, management, and volunteers.

Do we need to wear proper PPE equipment (face masks)?
Face Masks are required before and after all games for players. Spectators, volunteers, management, and coaches are required to wear COVID-19 PPE's at all times. 

Will MYSL provide COVID-19 PPE equipment?
MYSL will have face masks and hand sanitizer onsite. We strongly encourage all players, spectators, volunteers, coaches, referees, and management to bring their own gear first.

Who can attend the games?
Step 3 allows 75% or 5000 capacity for spectators

The above restrictions are in accordance with the guidelines given to Ontario Soccer as stated by local Public Health Units. 

Will there be a snack program?
Players are required to bring their own snacks and drinks. There will not be snack sharing/rotation.

Will MYSL Pre-Screen everyone on the field prior to games?
Before every game, all players, spectators, volunteers, coaches, referees, and management are to fill in a pregame waiver form indicated they have no symptoms, they have not been in contact with anyone with symptoms, and have not travelled outside the country, or been in contact with anyone that has within the past 14 days.

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